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Clinic Information


Regularly Scheduled Clinics with

Jane Landau

* USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

* Trainer and/or Rider of multiple Region 1 GAIG/USDF Champions - Third Level Thru Intermediare II - Open and Amatuer

* Trainer of numerous USDF All-Breeds Champions - Training Level Thru Intermediare I -

Danish, Swedish, Morgan and Fresian - Open and Amatuer

* Trainer of multiple USDF Bronze,Silver, and Gold Medalists

* Trained with Gunnar Ostergaard daily from 1983 to 1988 - Showing thru Grand Prix

* Training with Leif Sorensen from 1988 to present

* USA Representative of Lekisoe Dressage Horses - importing quality warmbloods from Denmark selected by Leif Sorensen - Trainer of Top 10 Olympic and Europen Championship Riders


For more information please call Erin at 609-304-5804

Thank you

-Suddenly Farm


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